Ridgeview Elementary School

Second Grade PEAK


During theme study, students develop their information processing, communication, creative, and critical thinking skills. In the first part of this unit, students learn research skills as they explore inventors and inventions. Each student applies these skills as he/she chooses an inventor to investigate. Throughout the research, students explore what qualities are required to be an inventor. They then create their own original invention. 


Topic study time gives each child a chance to explore subjects of interest. Students choose from a wide variety of subjects in the arts, sciences, and literature. After reading about the topic, the student uses the information to complete activities at the different levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  

The students develop their problem solving skills through a series of problems called Math Magic. Each set of problems focuses on one problem solving strategy such as guess and check, make an organized list, look for a pattern, etcAfter completing the initial problems and a wrap-up for the strategy, students use the strategy to solve a more challenging problem. Options are available for students who need more support or more challenge.
The students use technical reading skills to extend science concepts through work with simple machines. 


9:30 Arrive at Ridgeview
11:30-12:00 Recess
12:30-12:55 Lunch
3:00 Return to Building

This Semester in Second Grade PEAK

Theme Study:  Inventor Research

  • Continue to study an inventor

  • Determine questions for research

  • Access information from a variety of sources using efficient information gathering techniques

  • With help,take complete notes for each heading and using nonfiction books,online encyclopedias and prescribed websites

  • Organize notes in logical order within each heading to develop paragraphs


  • Use the scientific method to answer questions and solve problems relating to simple machines

Topic Study:  

  • Use information processing skills to explore topics of interest in depth

  • Apply Bloom’s levels to deepen thinking; Deep thinking compare and contrast,  Draw logical conclusions


  • With help, use strategies to understand and solve a variety of math problems; Show work; Label and check answers


  • Demonstrate persistence even when tasks are hard, ambiguous or frustrating

  • Be able to respond appropriately to feedback

  • Listen, respect and respond appropriately to others

  • Begin to understand what it means to be gifted and how that influences responding and relating to others

  • Work effectively in a group with guidance; listen (making eye contact) and take turns without interrupting

Second Grade School Schedule

Monday:  Lewis and Clark/Franklin/Ridgeview

Tuesday:  Schumacher/ Warren Hills